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When Fiona and I decided to start Tea with Rosie, it wasn’t so simple, we agonised for hours over the name. We wanted something that accurately described what we were doing, something that would stand out in the crowd and something that would try and encompass our values too. This was HARD!

Our first port of call was Rosie’s Vintage Tea Party, but it was just too long. Rosie’s Tea Party worked ok but there are several ‘Name Tea Party’s’ out there and it was too common. We looked at all different variations with ‘Rosie’ in, we also looked at other names like Yorkshire Vintage, but this just didn’t seem to quite convey what we did.

It was important for us to have a personal element and for you to know the person behind the service. That’s when Fiona came up with Rosie’s Tea Service – a tea service is a full tea set and we were also delivering a service. We tested it out with many friends and marketing professionals – Rosie’s Tea Service was good, many liked it. However many didn’t like it too.

cider with rosieFinally we also came up with Tea with Rosie, a variation on the brilliant literary classic Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee, a favourite of mine (for obvious reasons). So it was down to the final two… Rosie’s Tea Service and Tea with Rosie. Both were something a little different, but which was it to be?

Finally we decided it had to be Tea with Rosie, a friend said it was more friendly, personal and offered intrigue.

We may not have complete achieved all our objectives but we do hope you like it and we do hope you like the service we offer!