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Any of you who have read our ‘About Us’ section will know that Fiona and I belong to the local WI. Fiona sits on the board and was actually voted in as president this year after our previous president moved to pastures new!


The Boston Spa WI is a fairly new one and this October we celebrated our 2nd birthday. Last year we held a cupcake competition at our birthday party. The theme was cocktails and I produced a simple looking strawberry daiquiri cupcake, however I worked long and hard on the flavours and it paid off wining first prize.


This year the committee had decide to keep it as a tradition and run another cupcake or cake competition. I know had expectations to manage and wanted desperately to keep my title. As it was our 2nd birthday the them was the number 2!!!!!!


We had over a month to prepare and think of something to fit with the theme. However as much as I thought about it and searched for inspiration nothing was grabbing me. Then come the end of September Tea with Rosie madness took over and life was too busy and I stopped thinking, until the day before the event…!


And to be honest I had completely forgot about it!! I was sat in the office when I remembered and started to have a panic, I had not even decided on a design. Fortunately I work with some similar minded creative people and it wasn’t long until a colleague piped up ‘tea for two’. Perfect, it fitted their theme and it fitted mine and I know just what to do!


That evening I spent crafting gum paste, making a spot of cake lace and finding a suitable recipe. This was the finished product, the actually cupcake was Earl Grey flavour.


I do feel if I had more time I may have been able to craft the teacups and teapot better however it was enough and I won, keeping my title for a second year!